First, you recieve an official lookin

g envelope from Domain Registry of Canada (looks like it comes from some government agency)Domain Registry of Canada Scam Enveloppe

Then you open it up to find warnings of impending doom if you don't renew your domain with them:

Anyone in Canada who owns a domain name has received one of these at one time or another. Don't fall victim to them. Contact your web guy (or me if you don't have one) and I'll point you to the right source and show you how to pay 4x less AND retain control of your domain name.


For example, their ridiculous service charges are as such:

Laughable isn't it? There is no added value, no extra service or security; there is nothing! Just a 40$/year charge for something that should cost about 10$. For example, here is a pricelist from a registrar I recommend to many of my customers (Namecheap):

Furthermore, Domain Registry of Canada OBLIGES you to deal with them for a minimum of one year as per their licence agreements:

  • All of our pricing is in CANADIAN dollars, plus GST.

  • All domains that are registered / transferred and renewed must be done for a minimum 1 year term

  • Please note that by transferring and renewing a domain, the years you choose are added to the expiry date, thereby ensuring you get exactly what you pay for

  • * These names must be registered for a minimum term of 2 years

Domain Registry of Canada is well aware of what they are doing and are using the knowledge that people do not read and are unfortunately not knowlegeable enough not to fall in these kind of traps to make their money.


The snake oil salesman still walks among us: don't be his next victim.

All logos and trademarks on Domain Registry of Canada are property of their respective owners.


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