Disclaimer and foreword:

Before you read this, know that I am writing this review with as much neutrality as I can. I wish to present the facts as I have found them and nothing more.

That being said, it is true that Korean Jew and I have started another group so this article might seem self-serving but in reality, it's in hopes that others won't get caught up in a pipe dream while being almost liquidated as it happened to most people following their signals since June. 

Enough people know that I have made every effort to publish tools and information using my free time (which I have very little of, thank god for insomnia!) and which I have done freely. I was surprised to find out that most people thought I was getting paid by the CG group for everything I did. Let me assure you that I wasn't getting anything from them. I was getting the monthly subscription for “free” although in reality, there was nothing “free” about it.

I have been personally coaching several people in that group away from the financial ruin they found themselves in after following signals they paid for and it is in hopes that this cycle ends that I present this review. Moreover, if you think I am publishing this to steal customers away from the Cryptogrinders, think again!

If you cannot think for yourself and see truth for what it is, we'd rather you stay over there. If you think the CG group are doing things the right way, you will be too much maintenance to re-educate! 

I hope that's clear enough.

As always, these are my opinions and should be taken in context. Please note that Ryan has tried to make a rebuttal video so I have updated this review in consequence.


Where to start? Well first, it important to know who you're dealing with. Ryan Lye (aka Cryptogrinder), JJ_Andy, CGAdmin and BlueWaterGlass (Brian Li) compose the core quatuor since the days of them being only on telegram. 

There are also a few other contributors such as Orbitant and Charles that I respect and sincerely hope are getting compensated for providing the majority of the content now that most veterans are gone from that channel and that Ryan and Andy are only there superficially, CGAdmin is only there for subscriptions and Brian Li is the racist anti-semitic Cheerleader of the group (more on that later)

Ryan is the one that does most of the videos and presents the shill of the month (or months) based on the information he's given.

That’s where the problems begin.

I want to make it very clear here that Ryan has ONLY had successful months when the market was in full bull run. He succeeded in the beginning of the year when a 2 year old could put money in the market and look like a genius for the gains they would get. The mark of a TRUE trader is being able to make money when it is not as easy. Any bear month he has traded in has resulted in massive losses.

Also, from my observation, he only has a skimming understanding of the entire crypto space and relies on other people's opinions based on surface information. Also, his sincerity should be put into question as he had many people buy tokens at very strange levels. No serious trader would really recommend buying at highs - especially without stop losses??? Yet ARDR, LSK, GNT, OMG, NEO, MTL, CVC and QTUM were exactly that. Sure, later calls had stop losses but for most, it was too late and some are still holding heavy bags since June.

Speaking of QTUM, this was the drop that overflowed my glass. Having people buy QTUM at market price and above while he later admitted to having a large quantity at ICO price is more than just a bit scammy - it’s downright nasty. Why wasn’t the rest of the group informed of this awesome ICO opportunity if it was so good? His first discourse was “we don’t do ICOs bro, no fundamentals” but yet he does? People are in this group to make money, not bail him out which is unfortunately exactly what happened. People got stuck holding QTUM bags while he brags of making 69k profit (because he bought at ICO price). He’ll try and deny it of course but even if we didn’t have the screens to prove it, anyone with basic math skills would see that the only way he could have made that kind of money with QTUM is if he was awesomely opportunistic and DCAd 8x a ton of coins at the absolute lowest dip and sold for 15%. Not likely.

Then there’s the ignoring of the hard questions or downright censorship. Another bad sign. When your product can’t stand up to criticism, you’re in trouble. Some members - really smart ones - ask questions in the General chat which either get summarily ignored or simply deleted - sometimes with a ban warning!

What I find regrettable is that Ryan is charismatic enough to get others on board. But for the remaining members, I’ll let the CHURN numbers speak for themselves… see how many new faces there are each month. It’s definitely not because people can “fly on their own” and “learned everything there is to learn”. It’s because people are disillusioned and understand that the CG signals have a worse chance rate than flipping a coin. By the way, the month in the flip a coin link is representative of all the other months. It's not normal that ‘vets’ are in the red in october when Korean Jew and I have made conservatively 45% in the same timeframe. It was a great trading month if you just put a bit of effort in research. He affirms in his video that he had everyone get quantum to support the network and increase their value as a whole... That's fine and noble but don't you think you should have told the people that thought they were making money that you were tying up their assets in a token that was decreasing in value???

Then in the video he goes on to say that he looked at Kucoin, Walton and other coins that we did very well on and he passed them by because they weren't good... Well sadly, you could have made up your months back with those coins that were given to you by Korean Jew. We know we did. 

Lastly, in the same video, he affirms several times that he isn't hackable because he has a static IP.... Someone needs to explain "the internets" to this guy which is scary in itself since he's advising people in the most technical environment on the internet. There were many other trading and business model discrepancies but I invite you to watch the video and juge for yourself. It would almost be comical if it wasn't so sad. Incredibly, he never once refuted that his groups only had red months since June and never one addressed Brian Li's blatant racism but more on that below.


Next up, Andy. I don’t have much to say about him. He’s a pretty nice guy but his TA skills are questionable. And here I will freely admit that I might be wrong and things might be circumstantial but I’ll let you juge for yourself. The reason I say this is yes - he can draw graphs, uses Stochastic RSI, MACD, Fib retracements and I think he’s even used Ichi a few times and can read candle patterns. That being said, many of his signals don’t make sense. I was getting more and more suspicious as time went by and saw him calling entries in mid-swings.

To test this I asked him his opinion on IOTA a month back. Now I know this token very well and have made very many quick profitable trades on it. I understand how it moves most of the time. As predicted, he made a signal call that dunked almost immediately after. History showed it would. Pressure and volume indicated it too. It was mid-way and ranging sideways and every time it does that, it dumps a bit… If I’m paying for signals, I expect more than that. Then again, I wasn’t paying but many are…


We can skip CGAdmin, she’s nice and is only there to do admin work. As far as I can tell, she does that well.


And finally BlueWaterGlass… Pretty much a living meme. He contributes nothing except daily reminders that mean nothing and TBH are quite dangerous! For example, he is recommending getting an army of D3 miners from Bitmain and become a Crypto Warlord… I told him many times what Bitmain does and that by the time his D3 miner(s) arrive that they would only ROI in 8-12 months IF your electricity is not prohibitive but he kept reminding people to do that anyways… He says he studies Crypto 12-18 hours a day but always defers questions of any difficulty level to other people. That either makes him a liar about studying that much or incompetent. Either way, doesn’t look good.

What the most heinous quality of that guy is though is that he’s a Nazi Cheerleader. Let me explain. He NaziMods the channel censoring anything and anyone that questions the grinders too much or anyone that asks why they are in the red instead of the promised profits. Moreover, and putting aside his childish use of ancient gamerspeak like “Top Kek” and his continuous use of the phrase “feels good man” after nonsensical statements, he is an anti-semitic racist. I’ll only include the mildest of examples. I have other screens that are even more unflattering yet I’d rather spare you the worst.



For those that don’t know, using the triple parenthesis (((JEW))) is used by the KKK and other racist groups specifically to target Jewish people. Maybe he doesn’t know and is just being ignorant but I sincerely doubt it because of the context in which he uses them.

Someone should also tell him that this is unacceptable. Especially by a racist oriental guy.


And these next perls are for entertainment purposes only. Remember that he is a moderator and gives other people warnings for using bad language (I was admonished for saying “who the fuck are you” to another member by this joker)


And for those that listen to Brian’s advice, he’s the worst of the bunch. He’s completely clueless:


DGB??? Buying at the dip doesn’t fucking matter???

Game Theory (lol?) + DCA to buy INTO positions???

Love the last phrase though: “you literally cannot lose”...
[well I agree with that statement but the grinders found a way]

ADHD pills man... Take them because crypto never sleeps and the internet never forgets.


In conclusion

100$ a month. It’s not much, granted. There are many signal groups that are much more expensive than this. However, buyer beware - the above is what you are getting: Some trading advisors with a poor track record moderated by a racist ADHD afflicted teen.
( note that the racism has NEVER been condemned by Ryan btw which is equally reprehensible. )

  • You get no education (except hard learned lessons with your money)
  • You get no profit (unless you do like I did and ignore the signals)
  • You get no financial coaching
  • You get no trading advice (as in how to trade efficiently)
  • You get no answers to your questions when they are deemed contentious in any way.
  • Nothing.

Sadly, you’d make more buying 100$ of BTC and just leaving it there because 100$ is better than -5 BTC as some have found out. Yeah, that's negative five BTC. I even spoke with one guy that followed signals and lost 10 BTC.. Let that sink in a second... that's almost a $55,000 loss in US dollars at the time I wrote this article.

So, do your research before joining any trading group. Not only signals but trading in general. I won't even get started on their "high net worth" segment... I think the cost is 1 or 2 BTC for a year, paid up front? With a proven failure of a track record? Good luck to those foolish enough to fall for that. In any case, you know what the best metric of all is? Just go into their Telegram or Discord and ask "Who has been here since day 1 and made money on signals more than losses?" or "Who has ever had a positive month in here with their recommendations?"

If any (obvious plants) say they they have, ask for proof. What signals, what levels they were told to exit, etc... You can check the coin history yourself and members will quickly refute any information that is wrong since they are hurting too.

I'll let the answers speak for themselves. 


Trade safe,

- Chris

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