Magicjack Plus not working when plugged directly in the router SOLVED!

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Many people are having issues with Magicjack Plus plugged directly into the router. When your magicjack plus is not working without the computer, you would natrually seek MagicJack's support... Although always available, they are not very tech-savy and it usually requires hours of your time. After 2 hours and giving up on them, I decided to attack the problem myself.

Here is how I solved my connectivity issues (error 42). I hope this helps anyone else having this problem or other connection problems.

Domain Registry of Canada - SCAM

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Beware! A company called Domain Registry of Canada is scamming people by the thousands into renewing their expiring domains with them for only 4x the normal price!

They are practicing "domain slamming" which is simply finding out which domains are expiring for any given period of time then sending a mail campaign to all those affected and scaring them into renewing with them. The scam works like this: